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SiteDrain Strip Drain

SiteDrain Strip drain is used where a water collection system is needed or full area drainage coverage is not necessary or practical. It can replace traditional pipe and stone for drainage collection systems. Typical applications are golf courses, athletic fields, and residential yards. Strip drains are made in 6-36"(150-1000mm) widths in rolls 50’ to 500'(16-150m) long. The core is manufactured at a thickness of 1"(25mm). SiteDrain Strip Drain is also used for highway edge drainage. Typical widths are 12-36"(300-1000mm). Rolls can run up to 500'(150m) long.

Collection Capacity for SiteDrain Strip Drain versus Pipe

One of the advantages of using the SiteDrain Strip Drain is the ability to collect large amounts of water without the addition of aggregates. Calculations of collection capacity for perforated pipe without aggregate versus the SiteDrain Strip Drain can be seen in the following:

Strip Drain Perforated Pipe

Perforated Pipe:
For perforated pipe, collection capacity per foot is equal to the cross sectional area of the perforations times the number of perforations per linear foot. Far a standard 4" perforated pipe, there are approximately eight holes (0.5" diameter) which provide 1.6 in2 of open area per linear foot of pipe. This provides approximately 1.1% open space to allow water to enter into the collection system. To increase the collection capacity and strength for the perforated pipe, a large volume of aggregate must be added to the system as well.

SiteDrain Strip Drain

SiteDrain Strip Drain:
For the SiteDrain Strip Drain, the two-part system provides a collection system that allows water to enter from both sides. The polymetric core has its own inherent strength, therefore no additional stone is needed to provide strength to the system. The core is then encased in a geotextile fabric which allows water to filter into the collection system, yet restrict major soil intrusion. The SiteDrain Strip Drain has a total open area of 188 in2 per linear foot, which is over 60% open space for water to filtrate into the collection system. This gives the SiteDrain product the potential to collect 50 times more water*, or collect the same amount of water 50 times faster*, than a standard perforated pipe over the same period of time.

* Up to the maximum drainage core flow capacity of 21 gpm/ft-width at a hydraulic gradient of 0.1