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Mirafi RSi Series

RSI Series

We have proven that a geotextile can solve a complex roadway problem, where once upon a time, the only solution considered by some was a geogrid product. Mirafi® RSi is all about integration.

Integration of a superior multi-layered construction of woven fibers of various dimensions specifically positioned relative to adjoining fibers to create three times the water flow AND an increase in AOS sieve size.

Because Mirafi® RSi-Series geosynthetics have higher tensile modulus properties than comparable stabilization products on the market today, it is perfect for base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilization. read more »

Mirafi® RSi-Series geosynthetics are ideal for roads, railways, runways and haul roads; and for stabilization of embankments on soft foundations. It also performs well for liner support, voids bridging, hazardous pond closures and other environmental purposes. Mirafi® RSi -Series geosynthetics are available in a variety of roll sizes to fit your specific project needs and requirements. Because no one understands geosynthetics better than TenCate Geosynthetics...our materials make a difference.

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