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DuraWattle sediment control

DuraWattle is a reusable alternative to straw wattle and silt fence in several sediment control applications. These applications include perimeter control, stockpile management, drain inlet protection, and construction site entrances/exits.

DuraWattle is designed to be driven over by heavy traffic while maintaining its shape and effectiveness. DuraWattle sections connect to form a continuous barrier on soil, sidewalk, or hard surfaces. The outer layer of monofilament filter fabric is designed to dewater and retain sediment while the non-permeable core dissipates concentrated flow into more manageable sheet flow. read more »

DuraWattle is proudly manufactured in the USA by Heavyweight Sediment Control Solutions at their facility in Sacramento, CA.


  • Designed to be driven over by heavy machinery.
  • 100gpm/ft2 clean water flow through rate allows water to flow off site without ponding.
  • Forms a continuous sediment control barrier across soil and/or hard surfaces.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Reusable in many versatile applications.
  • Ships compressed 1800ft per pallet.

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