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ProGanics® Biotic Soil Media


If Failure Isn’t an Option, ProGanics® Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) is Your Solution All too many erosion control and revegetation projects fail due to depleted soils with low levels of organic matter, nutrients and biological activity. Trucking in supplemental topsoil or compost is one solution, but a very time-consuming, costly and unreliable one. ProGanics Biotic Soil Media (BSM) is just the opposite. Hydraulically applied for fast application, even on difficult-to-access sites, this Engineered Soil Media™ (ESM™) is proven to help soils reach their full potential to support sustainable vegetation—and help you close out jobs more quickly. ProGanics contains all the key elements of healthy topsoil for “life insurance” on even the most deficient sites.
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Unless you are certain the soil on your project site contains the elements necessary to sustain plant growth, you can’t afford not to use ProGanics.

The most common components missing for sustainable vegetation on job sites are organic matter and biological activity. ProGanics has been specifically engineered to promote regeneration of denuded soils through nutrient cycling and accelerate sustainable vegetative establishment. Profile is the world-leading manufacturer of hydraulic solutions for erosion control and vegetation establishment. It’s one reason ProGanics stands alone as the surest way to turn your depleted soils into sustainable topsoil. The keys to its performance is a formulation innovated using time-proven components from the horticultural and erosion control industries including a patented Biological Soil Nutrient System featuring high concentrations of beneficial soil bacteria. In greenhouse trials and on job sites across the country, no Biotic Soil Amendment (BSA) has performed like ProGanics BSM when it comes to establishing sustainable vegetation.

Unlike unsustainable peat harvested from fragile wetlands, all components of the ProGanics Biotic Soil Media blend are naturally derived and renewable. ProGanics is a consistent, manufactured product made in the United States. While trucking in topsoil or compost has historically been the default option to supplement depleted soils, their quality is often inconsistent, and their costs are always much higher than ProGanics. Using ProGanics Biotic Soil Media instead saves money and time while delivering outstanding results.

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