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FODS Trackout Control

FODs trackout control

FODS Trackout Control System is an innovative, reusable, and effective alternative to the traditional stabilized construction entrance. Unlike rock entrances constructed using rip-rap, which become compacted, rutted, filled with mud, and quickly are deemed ineffective. FODS proprietary mat design works to actively remove mud and sediment from tires, without aggressively shaking the vehicle or damaging the tire.

As the only durable composite trackout control solution on the market, FODS construction entrance also eliminated the liability of rock from construction sites ending up in the roadway and the waste of tons of rip-rap being sent to the landfill at the conclusion of every project. read more »

The design of FODS Trackout Control Mat also works to eliminates airborne dust caused by vehicles passing over the construction exiting while leaving the site.

FODS manufactures all of our mats in the USA using the extremely durable Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), have been stressed tested for 10yrs+ of use.

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