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Hi-Flow™ Filter Tubes

Hi-Flow Filter Tube

Hi-Flow™ Filter Tubes are sediment retention devices designed to dewater and trap sediment during heavy rain events. Hi-Flow Filter Tubes provide effective sediment control in several applications. These applications include drain inlet protection, stockpile management, temporary perimeter control, and being used as a general dewatering device.

Installation and removal is easy with handles sewn every 2 feet. When filled with recommended crumb rubber as a filter medium, Hi-Flow Filter Tubes are flexible, light weight, and easy to work with. They are resistant to wear and tear from vehicle impact and can last 2-3 years in the field. read more »

Hi-Flow Filter Tubes are made from a UV-treated high-strength coated mesh geotextile fabric that is sewn with marine-bonded thread for added strength and longevity. The handles are made with 2” wide industrial strength strapping to prevent tearing. Heavyweight Sediment Control’s custom envelope-style Velcro closure makes filling the tubes with filter media easy and it also helps prevent BMP failure.

Hi-Flow Filter Tubes are washable and can be reused over multiple jobs. Clean the product with a pressure washer or shake to remove built up sediment when removing and then store for future use.


  • Effective on both soil and hard surface applications.
  • Maintenance is easy: after major rain events, scrape back built up sediment with a flat headshovel.
  • Can be reused at different jobs in many applications.
  • 200(+)gpm/ft 2 clean water flow through rate dewaters sites and helps reduce flooding.
  • Lab tested performance: 84% sediment retention and 39.1% turbidity reduction

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