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Geoweb installation

Solve your most challenging soil stability problems with GEOWEB 3D geocells for unpaved roads, roadbase stabilization, slope erosion control, vegetated and concrete channels, and vegetated retaining walls. The 3D soil confinement system stabilizes and strengthens fill—allowing its use in a variety of challenging site applications—even over soft subgrades. Because the Presto GEOWEB system is the most proven and complete geocell with integral design and construction accessories, you’ll receive the highest-performing and most proven system on the market—highest strength and fastest installation. read more »

Slope Protection & Erosion Control

Stabilize slopes 1H:1V and greater and control erosion caused by unstable soils and sheet flow runoff with the GEOWEB 3D slope protection system. Protect right-of-way areas such as roadside embankments, bridge abutments, drainage swales and steep earthen walls from erosion, slides, and washouts. By using local infill, the system improves construction schedules and project cost savings. The Geoweb system allows variable infill – topsoil for sustainable vegetation, aggregate for permeability and low-maintenance, and concrete for hard-armored protection.

Permeable Unpaved Roads & Yards

Create highly permeable access roads and pavements by stabilizing on-site fill. The GEOWEB system is a low cost option for creating stable, aggregate roads and pavements. Through confinement of infill and exceptional load distribution, the 3D system can reduce the aggregate cross section by as much as 50%. GEOWEB permeable roadways and parking areas are inexpensive porous pavement alternatives to pervious concrete and porous asphalt and are beneficial for Low Impact Development (LID) or Green Infrastructure (GI) design. Ideal for utility/maintenance access roads, permeable parking areas, intermodal/port and bulk-material handling yards.

GEOWEB RoadBase Stabilization

Significantly reduce ruts and pavement degradation of your hard surface pavements by integrating the GEOWEB 3D system in the base layer. Bridge soft subgrade soils, reduce base requirements up to 50% and improve strength to the base layer greater than can be achieved by alternatives. The system creates a stable base layer that reduces vertical pressures and lateral stresses on subgrade soils. With GEOWEB aggregate filled systems, terminal load cycle counts can be increased 12-15 times.

GEOWEB® Shoulder Stabilization

Eliminate problematic road-shoulder erosion areas while maintaining their strength and drivable functionality with GEOWEB 3D confinement. Eliminate low and soft shoulder problems with gravel infill or a topsoil/aggregate mix to support vegetated shoulders. Shouldering maintenance may also be reduced by up to 3 times with the GEOWEB system.

Stormwater Channel Protection

Shore up erosion prone stormwater and flood control channels with the GEOWEB 3D system with natural vegetation, aggregate or concrete infill. GEOWEB channels can be designed with the right infill material to infiltrate water or shed sheet flow and are economical alternatives to rip-rap, gabions or reinforced concrete channels for drainage ditches and stormwater channels. Design tiered GEOWEB channels for vegetation in low-moderate flow channels.

Vegetated MSE Retaining Walls

Design naturally-vegetated green retaining walls with the GEOWEB® earth retention system. An open front fascia allows for vegetative growth and stormwater infiltration—reducing runoff. GEOWEB walls can tolerate reasonable differential settlement and offer high performance in soft-soil environments. May be designed as gravity or reinforced walls with Presto’s free licensed MSE Retaining Wall Design Software. Ideal for Low Impact Development (LID) or Green Infrastructure (GI) design.

Rail Ballast Reinforcement

Create a more stable and stiffer ballast layer under track with the GEOWEB 3D system using less cross-section (up to 60%)—even salvaged ballast. Field testing at TTCI and Oregon State University substantiates the system’s benefits in the ballast layer—reducing settlement, movement and track displacement under heavy freight loading. GEOWEB 3D confinement is especially effective over problematic soft subgrades in high impact areas such as grade crossings, diamonds, turn-outs, and bridge abutments. The result is an extended ballast life with virtually no maintenance.

Dr. J. P. Giroud and Dr. Jie Han recently released new technology for subgrade improvement design. Their work is the most comprehensive advancement in the structural design of unpaved roads in the last 20 years. Tensar International Corporation has taken this technology a step further by developing SpectraPave3™ Software based on Mechanistic-Empirical (M-E) design research conducted by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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