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Products - Erosion Control/Revegetation

High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRMs)

Pyramat High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRMs) feature our patented woven technology composed of a unique, three-dimensional matrix of polypropylene yarns. These yarns are designed in a uniform, dimensionally stable and homogenous configuration of pyramid-like structures, and they feature our patented X3 fiber technology specially created to lock soil in place.

HPTRMs exhibit extremely high tensile strength as well as superior interlock and reinforcement capacity with both soil and root systems. They stand up to the toughest erosion applications where high loading and/or high survivability conditions are required, including maintenance access, steep slopes, arid and semi-arid environments, pipe inlets and outlets, structural backfills, utility cuts, potential traffic areas, abrasion, high-flow channels and/or areas where greater factors of safety are desired.

Pyramat's superior characteristics provide a longer design life than our first and second generation standard TRMs, and meet the definition of HPTRM as defined by the U.S. EPA Storm Water Fact Sheet, "Turf Reinforcement Mats" (EPA 832-F-99-002) and FHWA FP-03 Specifications Section 713.8.

HPTRM Slopes Channels Banks

Features & Benefits

A unique, patented matrix of pyramids formed with X3 fibers that gridlocks soil in place under unvegetated, partially vegetated and high-flow conditions Ideal for extended ultraviolet (UV) exposure, utility cuts, maintenance equipment traffic, pipe inlets and outlets and other high loadings.

  • X3 cross-sectional area for additional tensile strength, flexibility and seedling emergence.
  • Holds seed and soil in place on channels and slopes while vegetation grows.
  • Provides permanent reinforcement to enhance vegetation's natural ability to filter soil particles and prevent soil loss during storm events.
  • Vegetation solution providing more pleasing aesthetics than conventional methods (i.e. rock riprap and concrete paving).
  • Greater flexibility to maintain intimate contact with subgrade, resulting in rapid seedling emergence and minimal soil loss.
  • Can be used in arid and semi-arid environments.
  • Completely interconnected yarns that provide superior UV resistance throughout the HPTRM.
  • Superior product testing, performance and design life.