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Atlantis Chambers

Modular Rainwater Harvesting Tank

It is becoming increasingly obvious to municipalities across the US that the cost of providing a usable water supply is increasing rapidly. Decaying infrastructure and storm water system pollution is not only contaminating ecosystems but this valuable source of water is literally going down the drain. RainHarvest Systems has solutions that can be tailored to your requirements for the complete control of water, our most precious resource.

Create the tank to suit your needs - The Atlantis Raintank modular design also allows the installation of tanks in any configuration, which can be ideal for narrow areas such as pathways or other difficult areas.

Unlimited Capacity - Raintanks can be constructed to hold any volume required.

Capture water from you garden or driveway - Atlantis tanks can capture water from roofs, gardens, lawns, paved areas and driveways increasing the capacity of water retention in your home.

Use Valuable Space - Atlantis tanks are installed underground preserving the look of your property.

Clean Water Storage - Atlantis tanks are pre filtered. Inside the tank water is kept at optimum conditions promoting aerobic activity within the tank. This prevents stagnation and growth of unhealthy anaerobic bacterias.

Atlantis Raintank® Tank Modules are suited to any subsurface infiltration or retention applications, including percolation and evapotranspiration applications.

Manufactured using recycled materials, the Matrix® Tank Module is a lightweight structural component developed through years of research & development.