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Solutions - Retaining Walls & Slope Systems

Retaining Wall Systems

Manta Ray Earth Rock Anchors

Sites with grade separation requirements present a number of challenges with an even greater number of potential solutions. Confined construction footprints, limited access, seismic and settlement activity, environmental restrictions and more – all pose significant design, construction and budgetary demands on owners, developers, engineers and contractors.

Conventional solutions including cast-in-place concrete walls and sunken pilings can be costly, difficult to stage, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Tensar International offers proven, versatile and cost-effective solutions for a variety of grade separation applications, including:

  • Retaining Walls and MSE Walls
  • Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS)/Steepened Slopes
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Temporary Walls
  • Pressure Relief Walls
  • 2-Stage Walls
  • Detention Ponds

Ares® Retaining Wall Systems

Manta Ray Earth Rock Anchors

With soil reinforcement that is 100% synthetic, ARES Retaining Wall Systems are proven concrete panel wall solutions that eliminate corrosion concerns. ARES Systems offer the cost advantages of an MSE retaining wall without the long-term consequences from exposure to chlorides, sulfates, low-resistivity soils or stray electric current potential. This makes the system the logical choice for “hot” backfill soils, transformer platform areas and electrified rail systems. Learn More »

Mesa® Retaining Wall Systems

Manta Ray Earth Rock Anchors

A lower cost alternative to cast-in-place and other conventional solutions, Mesa® Retaining Wall Systems have it all: the dependability engineers require, the efficient installation contractors expect and the aesthetics architects and owners demand. One of the only segmental retaining wall (SRW) systems with a positive mechanical connection between block face and geogrid reinforcement, Mesa Systems offer a full line of smartly designed, cost-effective solutions for both structural and landscape retaining wall needs. Learn More »

SierraScape® Retaining Wall System

Tensar Biaxial Geogrids

A lower cost alternative to cast-in-place and other concrete retaining walls, the SierraScape® Wire-Formed Retaining Wall System is the superior choice for appearance, performance and value. Welded wire forms, Tensar® Geogrids and a locking tail strut connecting the two work together to resist differential settlement, seismic activity and heavy external loads. Inert to chemical degradation, the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geogrids enable a wider variety of fill materials to be used, including on-site soils and recycled concrete. And like all Tensar systems, a full range of services, including engineered drawings and site assistance, is available for SierraScape System installations. Learn More »

Sierra® Slope Retention System

Tensar TriAx Geogrids

Like our other Grade Separation Solutions, the Sierra System is a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) system. Complete and fully integrated, its components have been designed to work together for optimum efficiency and performance in a variety of site and loading conditions. Sierra Slopes significantly reduce material and installation costs by eliminating limitations imposed by varying soil properties, minimizing fill requirements and allowing the use of on-site fills. As a result, they can save up to 60% of the cost of alternative solutions such as concrete retaining walls. Learn More »